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Baldwin Filter B7011 Oil Filter

B7011 Oil Filter

Baldwin Filter B7011 Oil Filter Descriptions : Microlite Lube or Hydraulic Spin-onNotes : Can be used with OB1313, OB1314, OB1315, OB1316 bases (requires optional G286-C gasket).Fits : Transit BusesReplaces : Zinga LE-3Thread : 1 1/2-16O.D. : 5 1/16 (128.6)Length : 10 25/32 (273.8)I.Gskt : G369-BO.Gskt : G286-C, G369-V, G372, G447, G483, G704, G710

B7011 Oil Filter

Brand: Baldwin Filter
SKU: B7011
List Price: $106.23

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